Plant the seed and it will grow

Nurture, give love and they will grow or at least that is what we hope for our children. Watching from a far I try to take in each moment. Their learning and imagination is much more  grand then I remember having at their age or at least it feels like that at times.

I think I capture so many pictures of my children because I wish in some way to freeze time. I look at them and in a blink of an eye they are bigger,older ,wiser and on to new wonderful adventures.  Yes there will be heartbreak and sadness but I hope with the love and sharing of my own experiences I hope it will guide then into adulthood but for now I just sit watch and learn from them.

Their aspirations are amazing and I learn so much just from the sidelines. We have to remember that even though as adults with all the busy and hectic things happening daily, we need to also stop and dream and be creative and do what something just for the love of it.  Without that we can not grow any further.  So with that I continue my quest of making my dream grow.

Patience and knowing it does take time is something I need to remember and if I put the work into it I will learn something no matter my results and that in itself is worth it.

When was the last time you let yourself dream and did you plant a seed so you might see it grow?