Planting in August?

I started planting today, it is late August and I'm in Seattle, good for rain, not so good for warm sunny days...

I have been wondering for a while if planting in August makes sense or not. See, I moved over the summer and I also had a baby, those two things gook up my June and July of this year, at our old house I was able to do some AWESOME planning and harvest, it all happened completely on schedule and it was absolutely beautiful! I had know we "might" have to move while all this was happening, but in between the planning and the harvest I found out for sure that we had to move. We lost our home to foreclosure

But anyway, back to the present! We found a perfect place to move too (hence my being able to plant a big garden! and now here I am just getting started!!

So my husband (great guy!) got it all ready for me first, it took a pick-axe and lots of muscle to get it done, but over the last week he did it!

Garden Plot

He used a lot more tools than you can see in the picture, lol, in the meantime, I was preparing as many little seedlings as possible!

potted plants

Here is what I was able to plant today; mustard greens, lettuce, peas, garlic, and I almost planted my kale but I did decide to let the sprouts develop a bit more first...they just have their first leaves and I want to make sure they are nice and hardy before transplanting them.

Next I'm going to plant some seeds, it might be crazy but I'm thinking about trying to plant them between some of the plants I already planted...they are bok choi seeds from a failed earlier planting that sprouted earlier this summer. I'd also like to plant some more lettuce seed. 

Thank you for reading! Hopefully it all works out! If you want to read more about my adventures in gardening you can see them here: Garden Posts




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