Plastic Surgeries That Make You Go Hmmmmm

You all know I am all for taking care of wrinkles and sagging skin before things get too out of control.  I'm the Esthetic Goddess for a reason! Plus, I'll be the first to nip, tuck, or tweak, and then I will share with you what procedures I had done.  

However, there are some really bizarre plastic surgery procedures out there that even I would not do and would leave me scratching my head.  I thought I'd share some of them with you, as you may not have heard of these procedures before. Maybe after reading this you'll want one of these done to you!

Beard Transplant
Now, I am not a dude so this one is a total mystery to me.  As women, we spend a lot of time and money removing hair from various parts of our body.  
For the beard transplant, surgeons harvest the hair from the back of the scalp and implant in the beard/mustache area.

Palm Line Alterations 
Life not going the way you planned?  Forget working hard to change your life! With a few cuts here and there you can get the lines of you palms altered. 
 Take that fortune tellers!  Maybe you could even lengthen your life line!

Ear Lobe Lift
I can't tell you how many times a day a client comes in to me worried about her sagging earlobes.  Thank goodness she can forget about filling the wrinkles on her face with Juvederm, and instead inject the serum into her earlobes!  Sure, she will still have a face full of wrinkles, but her earrings will be hanging on some youthful looking earlobes!

Eye Implants

Don't like the color of your eyes?  No problem!  You can now surgically change the color!  I think I will wait till they come out with a leopard print version of this procedure.  Then I'm going for it!

Voice Lift
This one gives a whole new meaning to "high talker"!  They simply slice your throat open, insert an implant, inject fillers into your vocal chords, then sew you back up.  What could possibly go wrong here?!

Now if you are tired of spending mula on plastic surgery for yourself, how about spending some on your pet?  Don't think your pet needs it?  Not so fast!  If you had you male pet neutered, isn't he missing something important?
 Yup!  He is missing his dangly bits and is probably real self-conscious of it too! 

 Thank goodness that can be rectified with Neuticles!  Solid silicone implants for his jingle bells.

And look they come in different sizes too!  They can fit them for dogs, cats, monkeys, bulls, or just about any animal you can think of.  Isn't science and technology wonderful?!

Until next time!  Have a beautiful skin day!  
Your Esthetic Goddess,
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