Plastic Surgery or Not?

Okay, you have to admit it. You must have thought about it a time or two. I know I certainly did. As gravity caught up with me, I longed to recapture some of the features I had as a young woman. I didn't really want to look twenty-five, nor did I want to look like I was trying to look twenty-five. I just wanted to look forty-something and rested. So I took the proverbial plunge and lived to tell the tale. What did I do? A little nip of the eyelids. A little lift of the brow. And a little lipo under the chin. Voila. Instantly, I was looking much more rested. Not really. Firstly, there is nothing instant about plastic surgery. It is a long process requiring several visits/consults with a plastic surgeon. Yes, do pick a REAL plastic surgeon if you plan to do this. And make sure you've previewed some of his or her work. After I selected the various procedures I would have done, as well as a date that I could afford two weeks vacation, I had to tell people. Why you say? Because I'm a lousy lier for starters. I've only ever been stopped by police once for a sobriety check, and thank goodness I was visibly pregnant, or I'm sure I would have looked guilty. So there was no way I was going to go under the knife and try to cover it up. Good darn thing because I looked like a traffic-accident victim for the first week afterward. My husband, although initially supportive, couldn't bare to look at me. And I had to leave my daughter with a relative for a few extra days. And did I hurt. My face underneath the bandages was barely recognizable. They "kicked" me out of the recovery room (and I use that term very loosely) about 5 hours after my surgery finished. And believe me I DID NOT want to leave. I felt deathly ill for starters, which really caught me by surprise. I had not factored in that previous minor surgeries had not fully prepared me for the after-effects of anesthesia as I had never been "out" for very long. I also could barely eat and spent the first week groaning to anyone who would listen. As the swelling gradually went down, I started to recognize my face a little. However, it was not quite the same face I had gone into surgery with. Despite my instructions to my surgeon (no funky high-brow for me) I found I did have a surprised look on my face for several months. And the lipo on my chin was a definite mistake. I was never really jowly or anything, I had just lost the firmness along my jaw line. As I am fairly slender, I needed some of the fat they took. Again, I found for some months afterwards my face looked a little too thin. That has also settled down now. Initially, some of my friends were fairly supportive. Afterward, I did hear some catty comments from people who are no longer my friends. I even had a former supervisor ask me "Why did you cut up your face like that?" (I'd say "MEOW" except it was a man!). Anyway, would I do it again? The eyelids for sure as previously my eyes felt tired and I often looked slightly sleepy. The brow? Maybe, but with more emphasis to the surgeon to give me a "gentle lift" only. As for the lipo? Never. But overall I would have to say that the surgery was the right thing for me. It has been two years now, and I am finally accustomed to my "new look". If I show people who didn't know me previously "Before" and "After" pics, most think I look better now. I would also consider future nips and tucks. But only to give me back what I had, not to give me something I never did. As for those catty co-workers, I found out afterward that two had previously had work done themselves. Go figure. I just do not understand people. If anyone does, please enlighten me.


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