Plastic Surgery: Would You?

Plastic surgery is prevalent in our society today like never before.  When I was a teen and younger adult, it was barely even heard of and certainly not talked about.  Nobody got nose jobs in our small town and I'm not sure anyone knew boob jobs existed yet.  No one whitened their teeth or knew how.  We loved our big 80s hair, for sure, and fashion was a big thing as was makeup, but that was somewhat the extent of it as far as beauty products and treatments were concerned.

Fast forward to the past several years and there's been a huge market created around vanity.  There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to look good.  I sure want to.  The question is how far is one willing to go, what are they willing to endure and how much are they willing to pay to achieve what they consider 'beauty'?  Personally, I'm not against a little 'touch-up'.  A touch-up might be tiny amounts of Botox for smoothing the forehead (and of course, for headaches), facials, microdermabrasion, and the noninvasive like, maybe (that's a big maybe) a little filler.  If someone has a medical reason for reconstruction such as an injury or illness, then certainly this does not apply, in my opinion.  Do what you must to get healthy and reconstruct what needs to be.  I don't think anyone would argue with that.

But what about bigger, better boobs that are obviously not home grown? Or Botox-ing and filling your face to the hilt?  It's somewhat obvious when a person has had a facelift.  There's just a tight, unnatural look about them.  Likewise, with lip injections, overdone eyelid lifts, and so on.  While liposuction is probably pretty tempting to many of us, we've learned that it might suck fat out of point A, but it tends to pop up later in points B and C, so nothing much is really accomplished overall.  To us moms, a tummy tuck probably is the most enticing.  I'm relatively thin but that doesn't change my Mom jiggle that was cut and stretched so I could issue forth two amazing babies.  Even if someone offered me a free tummy tuck, I don't think I'd undo my Mom jiggle for a couple of reasons;  one, it reminds me of the strength it took to carry and birth two children and how blessed I am to have them; and two, I don't want the pain of the surgery, quite frankly.

The ability to have a "perfect" body via plastic surgery doesn't make anyone more of a woman just as not getting plastic surgery and looking completely natural doesn't make me less of one.  If someone wants to surgically alter himself or herself, I guess they can go for it but keep in mind that it doesn't last forever, there's maintenance, and who are you really changing for anyhow?  What does it accomplish in your life?  How will it change  your life?  Would you do it? " target="_blank"> " alt="Featured on" width="120" height="100" border="0">


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