Plated + Served On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

We're launched the new year, but we're still counting down the 12 Days of Christmas!

We’ve had great fun figuring out different recipes to tie in with the different verses of the popular holiday song. 

Some were especially easy, like today’s recipe using Ladyfinger Sponge cake for the song’s verse “Nine Ladies Dancing.” These were simple to make because I used leftover chocolate sauce that the Swans were swimming in on the Seventh Day of Christmas. The raspberry jam and sprinkles I had on hand already. I bought the Ladyfingers.

In keeping with my resolution to reduce the amount of sugar I feed the Fam, everyone had ONE Ladyfinger for dessert. I froze the rest, which was good thinking because it takes them off of my sweetie radar screen, too.

Two days into 2013 and I’m still on track! (OK, it’s only two days, but still…)


Chocolate Raspberry Ladyfingers

prep: 20 minutes

you’ll need…

20 Ladyfingers
¼ cup raspberry jam
¼ cup chocolate sauce (see recipe below)
¼ cup assorted colored sprinkles (optional)

let’s get to it…

Separate the 20 Ladyfingers.
Place 10 ladyfingers on a cutting board and spread evenly with the jam; top with the remaining ladyfingers.
Dip each ladyfinger in the chocolate sauce and then in the colored sprinkles, if using. Place on a large plate and refrigerate until ready to enjoy!

Chocolate Sauce:
½ package (4 squares) Baker’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate
½  cup whipping cream 

Microwave the chocolate and whipping cream in a large microwaveable bowl on high for 2-minutes; stir and microwave 2-minutes longer.
Stir with a wire whisk until chocolate is melted and completely blended; set aside until needed


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