Play doh, confessions and awkward moments

Hubby is frantically studying for his grad school prep stuff and recently has been going to a friend’s house to be tutored in math. I decided to come along one morning to play with Kaiya and our friend’s little girl. So me in the girls were in one room, happily sticking stickers on each other and gobbing play-doh everywhere while they were in the other room, but just a few feet away.

Friend- I hate it when people blog….
(Hubby nervously looking over at me)
… it’s like they just put up random thoughts…
(me mashing play doh)
..and expect people to read them…
(Hubby twitching now, like a puppy)
…(laughs)… it’s like they use it as a confessional, you know?…
(me releasing play doh. huh. do I do that?)
…and they share way too much…
(Hubby can’t take it anymore and interjects, blurts out rather quickly: You know my wife blogs?)
(drop play doh)
…(laughs) … well I’m sure your blog is great to read… (nervous laugh)….
(wondering if she would consider the c-section or gas posts too personal)
….I mean, I like reading ones where people actually have something to say…
(Hubby twitching again)
…like political ones..
…or ones with news or clever stories….
(nope and by clever do you mean my post on how I stepped on a snail once?)
…but some of my friends put up way too personal stuff, it’s almost embarrassing…
(embarrassing, check. oh wait, that’s not a good thing?)
…like a confessional for people who aren’t catholic…
(confessions! ooh, now there is a great idea. Maybe I could have a confession Tuesday thing going, and then a blog award with a little nun picture and send it around.. Ooh…)
…or you know, like new things that Kaiya is doing..
(finally. now that I have plenty of. I nod vigorously.)
…ooh I hear my daughter crying…..

Sigh. Awkward moment over. I am left to ponder all sorts of things.


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