Play Like a Girl

“I get in trouble when I play princesses,” Mr. Embee revealed. I tried to pat him on the head and tell him it’s great that he tries, but I wasn’t sure what else to say at the time, except stuff like “well, you just, you know…It’s like playing house.” Because I’M A GIRL. Asking how I know how to play girl games is like me asking how guys know everything about sports cars. You just DO. It’s genetic.


The Mr. and Sally play tons of creative stuff–this weekend I was instructed to get on our landing (eh-hem, boat) because sharks were eating everything on the first floor. I would never have engaged in an awesome game of “let’s see if we can induce ocean nightmares in our child” but that’s what dads do. Nay, that is what BOYS do. Their best imaginative games involve taking normal life and twisting it into something most girls think is at least weird, and at most absolutely disgusting. It’s great. It’s boy. Sally clearly enjoys many of the species’ games. But most of the time she wants to play HER games, and it is clear to me now that boys might need some lessons on how to play with their daughters. At least the girlie, Type A ones.


Dress up is not pretend
You actually cannot decide to put on a fairy tutu, a cowboy hat and grab some jewelry and declare yourself Robin Hood of Pixie Land. That does not exist. Duh. Please select properly matched items and become a real pretend character.


Read the rest of the rules . . .


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