When Did It Become a Crime to Play at the Playground?

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When can a kid just be a kid? Why is it that I take my kids to the park, indoor and outdoor, and I hear parents saying "no screaming," "stop jumping," and "that's messy."

Having a blastI take my kid to the park to play, to jump, to scream -- really to do all the things that I don't want him to do at home. I don't want him jumping on my couch -- so jump on the bridge, off the wall, whatever... just don't bring it home. You want to play chase??? Here's the place! Find a friend and run your little heart out! Want to be loud? Well this isn't church -- so have at it! Enjoy!

Yup -- I'm that mom. If my kid isn't hurting anyone, then it is pretty much ok by me.

Don't get me wrong -- you'll hear me yell out "stop throwing sand," "no hitting," or "if you're playing with the stick then you must go away from the other kids." My kid makes mistakes, and I correct him. I just have a hard time understanding why people expect their kids to leave the park CLEAN. I mean, don't you expect that he'll have sand in his shoes, or dirt under her finger nails? A bath is just assumed in these parts.

I often get the look from mom's and caregivers. Some even comment, "Boy, he's loud." My answer is usually, "Yup... he is. Better here than at home." Then they don't want to talk to me anymore.

I guess I might be wrong... maybe. I mean am I giving him too much wiggle room? He's a high energy kid; he needs an outlet.

So to all you judgy moms out there, please stop looking at me like that. We have rules -- I swear. My kid is a good kid. He says "please," "thank you," "excuse me" and "goodbye" usually without my prompting. Jumping is reserved for my bed and the park. Running is allowed outside only (or when dad is chasing him through the house). Screaming is only ok when outside (or when we are having a tickle war). You can't push your sister (unless she pushes you first AND I don't see it) -- I'm kidding... pushing isn't ok.

Anyone - want to meet up for a playdate?



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