Playing it By Ear

Planning is overrated.  My experience is that even the best-laid plans go awry.  No matter how meticulous you are, how thorough your due diligence is or how accurate the data backs ups your assumptions, given the unpredictability of life, something is bound to change.  And change can bring down the titans of strategy, the leaders of tomorrow, and the stalwarts of today.  I’ve often wondered why the MBA programs, the college-bound courses in high school or the technical training institutes neglect to teach how to lead in the midst of chaos or how to find the path by following your intuition.  Scientists are trained to look for the unlikely, embrace the unusual, to doubt the given.  Musicians are gifted if they can play by ear, knowing the most powerful lesson is learning to listen. They listen for the pitch, for their cue, for the harmony, and for the rhythm.  And they listen for the phrase, the breath, the lyric and the melody.


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