Getting Your"Self" Back: Step #1: Playing The Victim is for Sissies!

It was so simple. It was so perfect. It was the best thing he could have said.

My favorite doctor, Dr. M.

I had spent the last few months feeling sorry for myself and living on drugs that I was assured would help me. And, often, they did. So, when I had bad days, I asked for more.

Wow! I feel great on prednisone! More, please! Can I get a bigger strength of ibuprofen? Thanks! What's in this methotrexate? It might be toxic, but it helps! I was out of control. I'm surprised I wasn't hanging out on street corners buying black market high dose aspirin if there was such a thing.

I was scared; I was crazed; and I needed advice. So, I came home to the one doctor that I really, really internist, Dr. M. I needed to ask him for direction.

Everyone should have a Dr. M that helps you navigate through the world of chronic diseases and specialists. You will know your Dr. M when you see him. He won't have the receptionist that closes the glass window on you while you are talking. His nurse won't be screaming at you, "Get On The Scale!" They won't make you wait for hours alone in the cold examination room, afraid to get up in case the doctor finally comes in. No....your Dr. M. is the doctor that has the warmest, welcoming staff and seems to makes sense of everything. It’s the doctor that you know that anything he would tell you to do, you would do because you trusted him.
"What's that you say? I should jump in a tank of cold water in the middle of winter? If you say, so, Dr. I trust you."

Dr. M, “I’m scared,” I said. “I don’t know what to do. I'm on ten medications, I'm obsessively reading and googling everything I can and I don't know where to turn. I'm literally sick of hearing everyone's online complaints about how their disease has ravaged their body and ruined their lives, but I keep reading. I can't help myself. I'm even night googling under the covers!"

My Dr. M turned to me and his next few words really changed my life:
“Are you going to play the victim or are you going to do everything you possibly can to make yourself better and beat this thing from taking over your life?”

So there you have it. The first step you must do to get your "you" back.

Step 1: Playing The Victim is for Sissies

Thank you, Dr. M.
From that moment on, I was no longer the victim. I vowed to open myself up to all and any things that would make me stronger and make me healthier. To remove the negative and accentuate the positive.

Find the one healer you trust to navigate you through your decisions. Keep your mind open to all possibilities and never play the victim again. In short, Don't be a Sissy!

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