Can We Please All Stop With the Political Name-Calling?

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Editor's note: It's barely the beginning of the 2012 election race and already the vitriol is flying. That's why I loved Bridget's post (also because it made me laugh). -- Julie

I’m tired of hearing about Mooselini, the Chimpinator, McLame, Speaker Boner, Rummy, General Betray-us, Tweetie, Slick Willy, George Snuffleupagus, the O-Bomber, Wiener’s wiener, Rahmstein, Bachman-Poptart-Underdrive, Al Frankenstein, the Koch-heads, Dumb-o-craps, Repuglicants, MoDoDo, GingGrinch, and any other creative insults you can think of. Can’t we refer to people with their names and/or titles like civilized adults? "The President," or "Senator So-and-so," or "Mr. Clark"?

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