Pleasantly Surprised

Convo with my mother via phone earlier this week:

You know, Mic, you've really surprised me with your domesticity and
your little creative ways. Because when you were growing up I really
didn't think...I mean, I didn't see it coming.

Me: What? really? what does that even mean?

Well, you know, like the house stuff and the crafty stuff. Just didn't
see it coming, that's all. For awhile there, you just... you know.

Me: Ummm, I am so writing this down.

Mom: What? Don't you dare! You are NOT writing this down!

Me: Yes, yes I am. I'm typing it right now. And I'm going to blog about it.

Mom: Oh NO-YOU-WILL-NOT! you can NOT blog about me behind my back. I MEAN IT!

Me: *silent with typing noises in the background*

MICCOLENE---You are gonna get it, that's all! I'm gonna come get you in
the night! No, I'm gonna start my OWN blog and then you'll be really

Me: Yeah, still typing. This is good stuff.




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