Please do NOT let this happen to you: part deux

I know you all remember this post a couple of weeks ago, which discussed fashion week and the resurgence of wearing pajamas as clothes. I feel like I’ve done a huge injustice to men. I should have been more specific and let them know it meant them too!

It never occurred to me until this morning, when I came across this:

Ryan Gossling fashion faux paux
Ryan Gossling wears jammie shirts!


Ryan Gossling, bringin’ jammie shirts back!

Okay. I am not going to reiterate why this is a bad, bad, bad idea. But I DO have a special message for Ryan Gossling.

Dear Ryan. Dear, DEAR Ryan. You have legions of women just lusting after the passion you bring. Don’t blow it by wearing jammie shirts! Like, EVER! You don’t have to wear shirts at all!

Thank you, Laine.

And you are welcome, ladies. I’m sure Ryan is going to hear my message loud and clear, and you should expect to see him shirtless all the time very soon!


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