Please Don’t Tell Anyone I Made Croissants for Afternoon Tea!

homemade croissants


Say that word to me and I will think of Jasmine tea and yum cha. Two things I grew up with in New York.

But when spoken at my in-laws in Scotland, it usually means dinner (like that meal you have after lunch. Lunch being the meal one would have around noon in case there is any ambiguity). This was confusing to me for a while. I think it still is. When I'm asked, "Would you like some tea?" sometimes I'm not sure if I'm being asked if I would like a cup of hot tea or if I'd like to have dinner that night. I'd hate to miss out on a meal so saying "yes" usually covers all the bases.

But then there's also "high tea" like tea at the Burj Al Arab where you have scones with clotted cream, mini sandwiches, beef Wellington, pastries, oh and of course tea...or tea. However, this "high tea" is in actuality a "low tea" because traditionally it was served on a low table.

Confused yet? Yeah, me too. Thank you Wiki for clearing things up.

I was recently invited to my friend Milly's place for "afternoon tea". It was very kind of her to put the "afternoon" in her text message otherwise...

homemade croissants

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