Please Don't

Please understand that I love a great debate! I love to hear and try to understand another persons point of view but will counteract if I want them to see my point of view.

One thing I cannot stand is MEDIA PROPAGANDA! I down right despise it, when the media throws a story out there and all of sudden it has run amuck the internet and damn there shuts servers down when folks won't sit back for a second, do more research to grasp the "big picture".  I am a registered Democrat. I have my own mind and I can think, read, learn, before making my own assessment. 
The media is there to do one thing INFORM YOUJ of WHAT THEY feel is an important story and most unfortunately report what is going to boost their ratings. Who gets the story first may not always be who gets the story right. 
Hell if channel 3 tells me "rain tomorrow all day" and I wake up to "sun all day" WTF???
I spent the whole night planning my next day for rainy weather, and for me that may be a simple change of clothing, but for others it could mean an entire day of lost pay if they cancelled a job because they 100% believed what the weather man said.  How about WAIT! HOLD ON! and don't believe in something until it actually happens. Becomes FACT!   
Because I voted for our President, (like it or not), that does not mean I agree with EVERYTHING he says and does...yes, he too can be wrong, but what may be wrong for me, may not necessarily be wrong for you. 
I am opposed to the health care reform though we are long overdue for something to be set in place for the citizens of our country. I think it can be "tweaked" to favor all U.S. citizens and U.S. citizens only. (I know you can understand the "only" part, and I don't want to rant about the immigration laws because that's a whole other story).  
Because I am a democrat doesn't make me so very liberal either. I don't believe that guns should be taken away, I do believe they should be regulated. I don't want (though it already is FACT) a person who is not knowledgeable or responsible to own a gun. I do want folks like my good friend in VT who is a hunter and responsible, not to feel threatened that he will lose this privilege. He helps to keep the deer population down, which means lyme disease cases (like myself), will go down, now here we are again, an animal rights activist may yell "long live the deer" for me it was the over population of deer that I acquired lyme disease AND a series of "upset my budget" medical bills  that made me mad wondering why NO BODY WAS SHOOTING DEER! Depends depends depends, this is what makes our country so crazy and great all at the same time. 
** and yes he does feed his family with what he kills. 
So PLEASE DON'T run amuck, get crazy, hate the president, hate the country, blame others, when you hear something that perked your ears up. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. LEARN! and figure what, who, how, when, where, why, this will effect your family, our entire country as a whole and of course, those you care about. 

You're either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Anyone can bitch and complain, toddlers do it all the time when they can't have what they want, when they want it.

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