Why do you Honey me? You call my husband Honey too? Can you just be polite without saying Honey or Sweetie?

Shopping online is convenient. Yet, I also like to browse around through malls and department stores to  window shop or do actually shop. You know, it's a different experience when I'm able to feel the fabric on my hands. Or when I  scoop out some make-up samples to try out on my face before buying it. I also love to try walking around in new shoes  from the store shelves, and see how they look on me before I run to the cashier and pay for it.

That is why I still hunt for stuff around at malls and stores. However, the problem with a shopping experience is the sales staff. There are rare times that I was served by a sincerely genial sales staff who really wants to please me with raw authentic courtesy. Not the "put-off-smile-sweetie-no-problem-great-remarks" of underpaid American sales persons. To be honest with you, I cannot stand them.  If it's possible, I just scour the goods among the cases, racks and shelves, make my choice, head to the cashier, pay and leave, without saying anything to them or hearing anything fromthese  ladies.

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