Please, Don't Touch My Child's Face

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We were very lucky to not experience too many people trying to touch Norah when she was a newborn. We got lots of, "Congrats, she's cute" in the store but people politely kept their distance. Suddenly now that she's older that is all different.

Now that Norah (who is currently almost 10-months-old) is old enough to sit in the grocery cart she is apparently free game. You'd think that seeing as I have a cart cover to protect her from all of the flesh eating viruses (shopping carts are where those are found right??), people would realize I'm one of THOSE parents. Actually though, I mostly use it because it is easy to attach toys to.

This morning I walked into our local grocery store and put Norah in the cart and someone promptly walked over and started talking to her and telling me she as cute and such. I love this! I think she's the world's most adorable baby and of course it is nice when other people think she's cute too. Then she grabbed her hands. I can understand touching her back or the top of her head, but do you know how many times my child sticks her hands in her mouth? I don't know if you washed your hands the last time you went to the bathroom and I don't know the last thing you touched.

Now I'm pretty polite in general, so I just casually pulled away.

A few weeks ago though my patience was tested. The bagger at the same store touched Norah's face, right after he put a package of beef in a bag that was a little leaky. Not only did he touch my daughter's face but it was February in Indiana (so still plenty of sickness going around) but he did so right after bagging my leaking raw beef. Thankfully I had some good wipes to clean her face off.


I'm really not one of those parents that doesn't let anyone touch their kids at all, but their face and their hands are a bit different. I feel like aside from the health issue, kids deserve a bit of personal space from strangers too. Is my baby a magnet for people touching her face and hands or is this pretty normal behavior?  


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