Please. Stay

Cathy Cantu - The Frazzled Mom


Go on, walk to Daddy

Go get me another diaper

Go play on the slide

Go knock on the door and say “Trick or Treat!” 

Go put away your toys

Go watch Barney

Please go play!  Mommy’s tired!

Go on in the class

Go say hi to her

Go sit on Santa’s lap

Don’t go out too far

Are you going on a field trip?  Yes, I know you don’t want me to drive

You’re not going to the party!

Go get your soccer bag.  No, I don’t know where it is.

Go get in the car

Let’s go to the movie.  No, I won’t stay

Are you going to sleep over at Beth’s?  Take your phone.

When are you going to team camp?  No, I’m not driving you.

No, you can’t go with Caroline on Spring Break.

Are we going to get your license today?

Go get a job!

Who are you going with to the prom?

Let’s go shopping for a dress.

Are you going out again?  I just gave you money yesterday.

Which college do you want to go to?

Why don’t you stay in tonight?

Stay under the speed limit

Stay strong

Stay with your sister

Stay away from him

Stay in touch

You’re staying in tonight!

Stay true to yourself

Are you staying at Sarah’s?

Don’t stay up all night

Please stay awake.  It’s a long drive.  Do you need money?

Stay and watch a movie with me.

Stay on top of the college applications

Stay positive.

Do you want to visit and stay in the dorm?

Are you staying in the sorority house?

Stay close to God.

Stay sweet.

Is it time to go already?

Please. Stay.


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