Please Stop The Buzz On (the fabulous) Beyonce

I have no idea what my audience will think of my voice here on the Beyonce Halftime Show at last week's Superbowl. I wouldn't call myself a die hard Beyonce fan and follower, but I do like her and her pulse on the pop culture style scene.  I hope that my opinions below come across by using Beyonce as an example, not necessarily because I am a huge fan.  Whether you love her music or don't care for her, I hope what I say transcends that and makes a point.  To hopefully make sense of all the media hype, I've broken down my thoughts and observances into the categories below.

1.  I Am Tired Of Women Having To Defend Their Beauty & Sexuality.  I realize that many of you have your preferences for what women portray sexually in their day to day lives, as a celebrity, in magazines, etc.  Of course, sex sells.  But there's a reason!  People enjoy beauty.  Let me emphasize the importance of doing this with class, style, grace, and impunity.  I feel Beyonce accomplished this in her performance.  I wanted to be here on that stage!  She should feel good about her confidence.  She did not come across as slutty or look like a stripper, as some articles have suggested.  
What I am tired of is the double standard pushed on women in a situation such as this.  Does Usher get this kind of ridicule?  Justin Timberlake?  When men perform or present themselves in a sexy way, whether it's classy or not, they are not ridiculed and berated by the press.  When a woman does it, apparently it is front page news.  Women should never feel guilty about this.  
2.  Last Time I Checked, The Superbowl Was Not a "Family Show".  Call me crazy, but NFL football, and especially the Superbowl, is not what I consider "family entertainment".  We annually throw a Superbowl party and my kids are anywhere but parked in front of the t.v.  Some of the articles I read this week on the topic were talking how their young children were questioning "what is Beyonce doing?" in regards to her performance.  Well, of course they were!  This is entertainment not for the young set.  Why would they even be interested in this?  Of course they would find it "weird".  This is not shocking news. The Superbowl Halftime Show is not a venue for children's entertainment, so I am not sure why parents' were so shocked.  I, myself, thoroughly enjoyed the show, the choreography, and the music.  

NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 03:  Singer Beyonce performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, ...
3.  A Good Role Model, For A Change.  I was over the moon that all of the entertainmet for the Superbowl was performed by Black women:  Jennifer Hudson, Alycia Keys, and Beyonce (along with her former Destiny's Child members).  Again, articles I was reading were questioning Beyonce as a role model.  Let's see:  strong, independent woman--check.  Got married before she decided to have a baby--check.  Worked hard for her career--check.  If you think Beyonce shouldn't be a role model because of her sexuality, please read #1 again.

I'm anxious to hear about what you think on this subject.  


Here's a link to the article on my blog.


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