Please Stop Screwing Up The Environment

Took a walk along the Marina with my friend Lalita today. tons of gophers bobbed their heads in and out of their holes (at least I assume they were gophers, I mean they weren't squirrels). A seal popped his head out of the water, a rabbit hopped by and a sweet little old lady sat on a rock with binoculars looking for the Western Burrowing Owl. She had pictures of the owl lined up against a rock.

 I said to her "I thought owls come out at night" 
"Not these" she said "these animals hunt in the daytime, keep your eyes open you might see one. Their existence is threatened, let me give you some literature"

I took the literature and continued my walk with Lalita. I thought about how a friend hit an owl accidently while driving on a quiet road at night on her birthday last week. She was pretty upset. I got really sad for the owls and for the dying marine life in the gulf. I started going down, feeling myself slowly getting depressed as I walked. I thought about how hopeless it all was and how man was destroying the planet.

 I glanced over and looked at a gopher sitting on a rock. He had a huge butt. It made me smile. He looked at me, I looked at him.

 I felt better for a moment. 


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