Masturbation is one of the most interesting ways that one can entertain themselves. Masturbation is a taboo in most cultural societies but people are changing their mind sets on the issue in the recent times. Studies that have been done show that most women do not indulge in masturbation; this is because they are left with feelings of guilt. Masturbation helps one to be sensitive to their bodies and know their needs. One is able to learn what they like and they can teach their partner therefore increasing intimacy and pleasure.

Get into the M Mind-Set
It is important to get into the mood or relaxation to help improve the libido before masturbation. It is encouraged that one should create an environment that will help to increase arousal. This should be an atmosphere that is free from distractions and inhibitions. It is important to keep the door locked so that one is at ease knowing that no one will burst in the room. The phone should be disconnected or put into silent mode so that there are no distractions. The ambience of the environment can be increased by adding slow jams and scented candles. The head space should also be tuned in to increase concentration. It is also important to ensure that one is relaxed and focus on having maximum pleasure. When one is relaxed and ready to please them they are encouraged to fill their mind with sexy thoughts.

Explore Down South
The senses can be awakened in one of the most private places and this is the tub. A bubble bath can be drawn and as one soaks in the warm water the muscles will relax. This helps to release any tension in the body and increase sensitivity to touch. One can start by massaging the inner thighs and running the hands over the breasts and the tummy. The nipples can be saddled with a fingertip that is sudsy and then gently tugged. This is one of the erogenous zones in the woman’s body and it will trigger sensations in the down south. The fingers help to learn the types of strokes, speed and pressure that work best on our bodies.  The fingers can be allowed to wander while touching the inner folds of the labia. The clitoris can be lightly tapped while speeding up using one finger until one becomes aroused. This should be done while paying attention to the most sensitive parts of the body.

Try These Techniques
It is important to know that one is the master of their own body. Trial and error techniques can be used to help one know what turns them on. Experimentation helps to make one get surprises by the sexual sensations that can be provoked. One of the techniques that can be used includes allowing the water to splash on the clitoris as it flows over the body. This allows the excitement to grow as pleasure is increased. Figure eight can be used and this involves gliding the fingers around the clitoris while drawing number eight. This allows the woman to cover inner labia and the clitoris and this have nerve endings that are helps to increase arousal. The compass can be used where two fingers are held straight and this are run on the entire pleasure zone while moving from side to side.

Feel the Vibrations
When one is taking part in these techniques, one will be able to know when the chord strikes. This is when there is a flush and warm feeling that begins to set in. it is encouraged for one not to set goals of how long they want to have an orgasm. It is encouraged that one should allow themselves to have gradual pleasure as the erogenous parts of the body become sensitive. This will increase the hearty rate, the breathing rate and the walls of the vagina contract. Vibrators can be used to help with stimulation but it is important for one to know how the stimulations are summoned. It is advisable to avoid humming too much with the vibrator because the nerve endings can be damaged and become desensitized.

Accidental Orgasms
There are other times that one can have accidental orgasms. This includes keeping the cell phone in between the legs when one is driving home, wearing a tight pair of jeans that put some pressure on the clitoris. An orgasm can also happen when the waxer is moving the panties so that she can work on the other areas of the genitalia.

Masturbation is of the ways in which one becomes sensitive to their bodies. It is important to ensure that one is in the M-mind set before they begin to masturbate. One should be relaxed and ready to focus while the environment should be free of distractions. There are different techniques that can be used to increase stimulations. Vibrator toys can also be used while avoiding excessive humming because this can cause destruction to the nerve endings. There are also other incidences where one can have accidental orgasm where there is something that strokes the genital area.