"Kneel for me," she said.

I scrambled to comply, eager to please her. I felt incredibly vulnerable as I lowered my head to the back of my hands, naked except for the cuffs on my wrists and ankles... and my brand-new handmade collar. I could feel her looking at me, leaning back as she watched me struggle with my desire to submit to her and my need to be in control. I shifted a little, silently praying to some unnamed god that I was doing this right, that this was what she wanted. Oh please, I thought, let her be pleased with me.

She walked slowly around behind me, shoving her boots against the inside of my legs. "Wider," she said, and I quickly spread my legs. My eyes strained for a glimpse of her at first, but seeing the tip of the crop laying against her leg, I chose to close my eyes, focusing instead on being very very still.

She trailed the edge of the crop along my back, tracing the lines my bones made underneath the skin. I shivered. Snapping my shoulder, she told me to get up and put my hands behind my head. I struggled to my feet, feeling heavy.


I spread my legs.

She snapped the inside of my thigh with the crop. "Wider."

I must have made a face, because she struck my thigh again, much harder, and gave me a stern look. I yelped and spread my legs as wide as I could.

After she had me positioned the way she wanted, she began to hit me with the crop, marking my outer thighs. Although she wasn't hitting very hard, I jumped a little every time the leather made contact, breathing in sharply. She watched my reactions closely, picking a slow steady rhythm as she alternated between my thighs... An almost hypnotic rhythm that soon had my body throbbing to the tune she had set. My eyes drifted closed, and I think I moaned. It was then that she stopped.

"When I tell you to stand ready, this is what I mean," she said gruffly. "Remember this."

"Yes, Syr." My voice squeaked.

Next she had me bend my knees to 90 degree angles, keeping my back straight and my hands behind my head. My legs were spread wide, helping me balance a little. This, I knew, was a position used for punishment… and now, I knew why. My whole body was now trembling as she walked around me, trailing the crop along my skin, giving me goose bumps. I waited anxiously for signs that I was doing this right, terrified that I would crumple and fall before she was done. Oh, please, let her be pleased with me.

The crop fell against my shoulder blade, and I gasped. I heard her chuckle to herself an instant before the crop landed on my other shoulder. She was hitting me harder now, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. After a few minutes, she again ran the leather against my skin, letting it follow her as she circled around to face me again. I felt the tip travel down between my breasts, along my sides, over my hip, and down the inside of my thigh. I didn't dare to breathe. Nothing moved for an instant, and then the crop began its travels again… up this time, along the inside of my other thigh, and then resting on my clit. She tapped me a couple times, making me moan, then slid the tip of the crop along my cunt.

"I want to get it nice and wet," she said. My breath caught. She pulled the crop back and held it up for me to see. It was glistening. "There we go," she said. "That ought to have a nice snap to it now."

With that, she hit the outside of my thighs again, harder this time, and faster than before. Indeed, her blows did sting more now. After a few minutes of this, she finally let me stand upright again. My legs were aching and shaky… and I was dripping down them.

She handed me two sets of chains and told me that she was going to leave the room. While she was gone, I was to chain myself to the bed, spread-eagled. I went to work immediately, my hands shaking and clumsy. My mind was filled with one desire: do this quickly, and do this right. Please, let her be pleased with me.

I got my legs strapped tightly with little problem, then settled back to attach my left wrist to the chain that ran under the bed. Three times, I came incredibly close to getting it, and then dropped the chain between the bed and the wall. I was filled with panic as I struggled to grab it. Cursing, I finally got it--right as she walked back in the room.

"What the hell took you so long?" she asked.

My heart sank with her obvious displeasure. I stammered to explain that I had dropped the chain, but she shrugged off my explanations and grabbed my right arm roughly and attached the wrist cuff to the chain. She pinched both of my nipples, hard, with no warning. My back arched, and I moaned--whether in pain or pleasure I don't know. I could move no more than an inch or two in any direction, and the absolute vulnerability of my situation settled upon me, heightening every sensation. I was terrified… and I never wanted her to let me go. Her eyes had a wicked gleam in them as she raked her nails against my skin and twisted my nipples… She scooted down, kneeling between my thighs.

"Ready?" she asked.

I nodded, and then jerked as she struck the inside of my thigh with the palm of her hand with enough force to bring tears to my eyes. She paused to inspect her handiwork, grinning. Down came her palm on the other thigh, even harder than the first time. I bit my lip. By the third stroke, I was crying out and giggling at the same time. After about 10 more strokes, she paused. "Do you want more?" she asked.

"Yes please, Syr!"

"Good girl," she said, and my whole body warmed as I heard the words I'd been straining for all evening.

She hit me again and again, until my thighs were covered in overlapping handprints and I couldn't keep my hips still, I wanted her to touch me so badly. Seeing this, she laughed, and instead of fucking me she stripped out of her clothes and positioned herself over my waiting mouth. "Lick me," she said, and I eagerly complied. Please, let her be pleased with me, I thought as I strained against my bonds to reach her better. I fucked her with my tongue because my hands could not, sucking hard on her clit, flicking it lightly with my tongue. I felt her legs begin to shake and her cunt throb under my mouth, and worked harder. My body hummed in response to her moans, throbbing in time with hers. Her fingers pulled at my hair, pulling my mouth deeper into her, and I moaned against her clit. She came in a shivering heap on top of me, and I nearly came along with her… but I knew better, and stopped myself. After a few moments, she released my bonds, and kissed me gently on the mouth. I could still taste her on me. She grinned again at me, that wicked grin I was beginning to love and hate all at once, and said, "Don't you dare touch yourself, girl. Maybe I'll let you cum tomorrow. Maybe."

As I lay cradled in her arms that night, I smiled dreamily to myself, despite the aching throbbing between my legs. She was pleased with me. Of that, I was certain.
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