A plethora of emotions

Orientation for my new job starts a week from Monday. I’m excited, sad & nervous. I went back & read my previous entry about being a new nurse. I realize I’ll be in that position again. Granted, I have some experience, but it’s definitely not hospital experience.

The floor that I’ll be working on is a general medical-surgical floor that has a lot of renal/dialysis patients & respiratory/pulmonary patients. As you may remember from here & here, the respiratory system is not my favorite. But that’s neither here nor there. The fact of the matter is I’ll be taking care of VERY sick patients…in a hospital setting…as a Registered Nurse. It’s a whole new world – one that I’m not familiar with. I guess that’s what makes me nervous.

Most of the patients will have multi-system illnesses & will be on massive amounts of medications. Along with the day-to-day care, there will be hospice patients, end of life care, & palliative care – fortunately & unfortunately, I have some experience with that kind of nursing. Having to leave my current job is what makes me sad. I really enjoy where I work & who I work with. Not to mention the fact that I love each & every one of my 22 patients like they’re part of my family. I just keep telling myself that this is for the best.

I’ll be working twelve hour shifts (as opposed to eight hour shifts) from 7pm to 7am. Night shift is another world that I’m not familiar with. However, I figure it’s probably the best shift to start out on. It’s not as busy as day shift, there won’t be a bunch of family members around, & most importantly, there won’t be a bunch of doctors there asking me questions that I won’t have the answers to.

Another plus is I’ll only have to work 3 nights a week & every other weekend. AND I’ll be placed with a preceptor for twelve whole weeks. That should give me plenty of time to get my feet wet & build up my confidence.

I'm very excited that I will be getting hospital experience. I'm certain that I will learn more in a matter of weeks than I did throughout nursing school. I'm also fortunate to have found a job, like I said before there certainly doesn't seem to be a nursing shortage where I live. Change is always scary, but I've come to realize that I'm moving on to bigger & better things...I'M SO EXCITED!!! I know I can do this.

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