A Plethora of Empty Circles

The other night I had to shut it down. LC has been retiring to bed early this week, and it leaves me time for SSB. For those who don't know, SSB = Secret Single Behavior You know eating cereal for dinner, reading gossip mags, trolling the internet, doing absolutely nothing but watching real housewives. You know what I'm talking about! But, when you get to be my age, it just seems everyone is either A) getting divorce or B) having a baby. Divorces are sad. I've not experienced one and hope to never do so. But having a baby is what I do want to experience, and well, when you're lady bits are jacked up it makes things harder and seeing everyone and their baby daddy's cousin's best friend's sister's co-worker pregnant, it gets to be toooooooo much. My cycle this month was on time, albeit a few days early, and so far, I haven't ovulated. I get SO sick of seeing stupid empty

Hey, can you just make a smiley face for me? kthxbai. I started the kit a day later than I should have, day 12. I'm wondering if we just missed it this month or I didn't ovulate at all, or maybe, I ovulate late. Ugh, so disappointing. FYI, if you're trying to conceive, a reader told me about getting the digital kit. imho, it's SO worth the little bit of extra money. No trying to figure out if the lines are the same color, is one darker, is the other one darker, are they the same. So nice not having to implement my cryptography skills by decoding the secret color lines. ha:)


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