The Plight of Introverts in an Extroverted World

This photo, “Schmooze Bloggers (DBAs) 6 Year Olds” is copyright (c) 2014 ProgrammerHell and made available under an Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license

No one should feel inadequate just for being who they are. I worry introverts are being made to feel left out when they don’t have to be. On the superficial surface of our society, extroverts seem to have it all. They are in the limelight, often providing advice of how others can achieve the same success. However, introverts serve crucial roles as well. They can be just as successful using their introverted means and be just as important.

Are you introverted or extroverted? What do you think people tend to misunderstand about introverts? What sort of jobs would you imagine introverts being perfect for? Have you ever worried about a friend or family member because they didn’t seem extroverted enough? What advice would you give someone trying to get to know or open up an extroverted person?

Curious about career options for introverts? Forbes has a list of the 10 jobs introverts are most likely to enjoy.


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