It can happen to anyone...of course. Both male and female. But plus size girls are more prone to it than slimmer girls, and less appealing guys definitely take the trophy of being friendzoned as all the ladies fight and fall for the "badboys". This entry has,however more to do with my experience of being plus sized and how I think guys treat me due to this fact. To be honest, I have never been friendzoned or rejected. I thank God I can always easily detect if a guy is genuinely interested or just wants to be friends...or even just not into me, before things get really serious, or before am in too deep. Recently,I had a crush on a guy and boy wasn't he a temptation, we freely talked and I was sure we were good friends. But the more we continued talking, the more appealing he became to me. I felt like he was a sum up of what I wanted. He was a combination of a good caring guy,who was smart and really interesting. We all know that bad boys are thrilling while good guys are just plainly boring...and coming across a guy who was both good and thrilling for me was like winning a lottery ticket;rare but could happen. The problem was I couldn't tell whether he just liked my company or he was hinting that he wanted something more. This, I thought was settled once he took me out for lunch and we talked for hours without realizing how much time had passed. I decided to keep calm anywayand wait to see if it was going to be a trend or it was just one of those rare moments. The next week he didn't say a word to me. Obviously,I didn't say a word to him either and right there and then, I knew I didn't want anything serious with him. Clearly he wasn't willing to chase, thus-NOT INTERESTED. I'm still friends with him though but decided he really wasn't worth it. So I got over him and am happily moving on. I can't tell if he wants me but just can't date me cause am a plus size girl,or he just proved to be a bad boy aka an ass...either way,it is better to note that I am better off without him. I believe in the end he'll realize how much he's missing out on and regret it, which will be my joy and bliss (yes am that vindictive).


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