Plugging Into An Ancient Craft

It feels like I am plugging into an ancient craft, finding myself connected to generations of women and girls who have worked with their hands. It is delightful creating something out of nothing, clothes out of nothing more than balls of yarn using just a simple steel hook. Although I have crocheted for the last decade, creating at least  a dozen queen sized bedspreads or afghans, wedding shawls, headbands, towels and hats, I have just started crocheting baby clothes. The images on pinterest of women crocheting or sewing are fascinating. 

My first few crocheted baby sweaters; I have made a totalof seven baby items including vests, newborn  hat and sweater sets, ponchos and sweaters

Inspiring designs.  For Easter, I am going to try my hand at lacy scarves and summer shawls for my six daughters and 2 daughters-in-law

our children 

The Joy of Mothering


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