Have A Dream? Here's How To Get Your Project Funded (and Fund Others!)

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Just last year, more than 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. generated nearly $1.3 trillion in revenue and employed nearly 7.7 million people, according to American Express Open. I see the need in the marketplace for an integrated approach to capital raising, product creation and company sales. Having money to build your prototype and securing orders before production minimizes the risk to both entrepreneurs and investors.

Deborah Jackson

I have been writing about women entrepreneurs for the last 18 months on PlumAlley.co. We tell the stories of women entrepreneurs and let the world discover and buy their amazing products.>

For the past two years I have spoken at the BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference. What struck me was how many women came up to me afterward, explaining how they wanted to take their idea to the next level or start up a company but needing some money to do so. In most cases, the ideas or projects were very small and wouldn't qualify for venture funds.

Finding a way to help these women raise capital to fund their dreams from a broad base of people became my mission. Coming from a background in finance, I realized that women could raise money by going to their networks and asking their friends who understood what they were doing to support them. Small amounts of money from lots of your friends can add up enough to start. I was looking for a way for women to fund their dreams, test their ideas, and achieve what they were meant to achieve.

Women build their own communities -- like the BlogHer community -- to share what is important to us. So why not use a funding platform that allows women to find inspiration and support one another? It matters that we take out our pocketbooks and use our collective economic power to build products, movements and companies.

by Deborah Jackson, Plum Alley Inc. Founder/CEO

 Please support us at Plum Alley by doing three things:

  •  Check out the brave women who have launched their funding campaigns this week on www.fund.plumalley.co
  • Consider if you have an idea or project that needs some money -- we all have a worthy idea or know a friend who does.  Submit A Project
  • Tell other women and your friends that they now have a way, a place and a community to support them in raising money. tweet @plumalleyco


Help us #fundthefuture of women’s entrepreneurship at fund.plumalley.co!

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