On the plus side, on the minus side

On the road to accountability...I want to share the good as well as the bad. On the plus side we've cooked every night this week - definitely a first for us in a long while. (Ok mostly Nicky cooked and I ate...). On the minus side - one word...CARBS. What a doozy of a word it is. I'm learning that carbs are an important part of the diabetes equation...namely controlling your intake. Unfortunately, carbs are my favorite food group. Today, for example, my breakfast, lunch and snack included two soft pretzels, a small bag of chips and a sandwich with two pieces of bread. Suffice it to say I enjoyed every bite, but I'm fairly certain this was not a recommended daily allowance of carbs. The problem is that my brain thinks carbs are sexy as well as necessary. Doughnuts and rolls and pastries, oh my! I've got to retrain my brain to think veggies and protein are sexy! Let's hear your favorite suggestions for replacing carbs!

UPDATE - June 6, 2014

Well, lots of things have changed since this post.  First, in January Nicky was "down-sized".  As she is so close to retirement, she is looking for a part-time, flexible job, but hasn't had any luck so far (Minus side).  We've moved into a smaller home so that we were not overburdened with the cost of the mortgage of our single family home; and we are still in the process of organizing/storing/sorting/and purging our stuff (Minus side).  

However, as Nicky has more free time, she has been cooking more and we have been eating less processed food and eating out less.  We've been eating whole foods, mostly organic and grass fed when possible, and we've been trying out teh PALEO diet - a diet characterized mostly by eating fat, protein and vegetables (this is a broad generalization).  You'll see more posts from me about this diet, as I think it has been very helpful to both of us these last four months (Plus side).   Though we have not been following it strictly, Nicky has lost 20 lbs and two weeks ago she had her A1C checked...it was 5.6.  She is no longer considered diabetic.  Her doctor was so happy.  And Nicky is ecstatic (Plus side).  We've been trying to add exercise into the mix as well by taking a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood in the evening (Plus side).  While I have not enjoyed as much weight loss as Nicky, I will say that slowly (very slowly...too slowly for my liking), I am starting to feel better.  I hope, in time, the weight loss will start.   


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