My FAT GIRL FIT quest is to be as fit as I was last summer when I felt the most confident.  I’m  trying different kinds of plus size exercise to see what will fit into my life  in a way that  I can continue and enjoy rather than feeling like a chore.

My colleague  goes to CROSSFIT and is competing to represent Australia in the CROSSFIT GAMES,  and told me about a $30 monthly deal on I’d heard about CROSSFIT over the last few years and thought you had to already be FIT or an  ELITE athlete so I was scared off (even though I was fit at the time).  However, my colleague assured me that you can work at your own level and its for everybody. With this in mind I signed up for the Saturday morning intro class willing to give it a go. She made it sound so good I bought the month thinking I could go three times a week!

crossfit bunker

 When I walked through the rusty gates past the boat skeleton to the underground gym in a cement bunker  I arrived in what looked like a post-apocalyptic world. Seriously, where were the freakin’ zombies? It was something out of MAD MAX or the HUNGER GAMES (was I an unknowing fat tribute that the others would kill and eat afterward)? Is that why they had a deal on Maybe they’d run out of bodies for ‘fresh meat’? balls

First there was a talk about CROSSFIT ATTITUDE and yes, it did feel a lot like FIGHT CLUB: “You don’t want to be one of those people who go to the gym and sit on a spin bike then use the sauna!” Hmmm, actually at this point that sounded like heaven.

Out of the10 beginners (most from Living Social offers I expect) I was the only fat one there. We did burpies and a medicine ball work (I had to go into the kids gym to get a lighter ball as I couldn’t lift it high enough over my head to reach the target 8ft target). I was clearly in over my head with this workout.

Keeping my promise to myself and my work colleague I stayed  for the whole session but knew it wasn’t for me. I only wish I’d done an intro session and not paid for the $30 month!  The trainer was a bit condescending so I know why its called CROSSFIT ATTITUDE.

Even though its pitched to ‘everyone’ and that you can ‘work at your own level’ I really do think this style of workout is geared toward  competition minded elite athletes. If you’re already fit and want to get hardcore then you’ll love this but for me, I really should have followed my fat gut instinct. I just want to get fit and have fun not suit up for the apocalypse and flip tires taller than my house.

You know what? I do prefer sitting on a spin bike and having a sauna afterward but my FAT GIRL FIT quest is to try something NEW and next on the list is ZUMBA. Surely those are my people? Bright coloured outfits, fun latin music and their company tagline is JOIN THE PARTY! I’ll admit I’m not used to rocking a party without a cocktail glass or wine in my hand but I’ll give it a red hot go! Check back to find out how it went~Kelly

Tell me – anyone done CROSSFIT and loved it? Share your experience here.

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