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Unprofessional Cookery

Alright guys, I’m just going to have to blow up my own spot on this one.  This could be kind of an issue if it persists.

Ah, man, this is so embarrassing.  My fingers smell like Indian food.  Specifically, my fingers have the piquant odor of vegetarian dosas.  Its.. pungent.  And sticking.  However, it also was extremely tasty and worth every waft of curry that floats by my nose as I type.

Just to be clear on this, it wasn’t like I was shoving my hands INTO the dosas or anything.  Also,  I washed my hands a few times since dinner ended but I still smell like whatever spice was in that delicious rolled treat.  As its been awhile, it got me to thinking about what I had just eaten a few hours before.  Where do you get these stage five clinging spices?  They’re not the standard McCormick’s that you see on the shelf in the market.  These are some next level Indian aromatics.

I did a little research into this and compiled a list of go to spots for buying specialty spices.  Granted, every cook on the New York cooking planet will tell you to save a trip and just go to Kaluystians, but I am not entirely convinced that this store is the be-all, end-all for spicing.  Check it out.

Oh god, I just realized that if my hands smell like this tonight then tomorrow I’m going to be sweating out curry like I’m kicking dope.  Great.
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A. Kalustyans.  My own prejudices aside, this store really does have just about everything that you’d need regardless of cuisine.

B. Patel Brothers.  This place is one of my favorite places in New York.  Need an obscure salt?  Done.  Every type of pepper known to man?  Got it.  Not sure what that was?  It’s there too.

C. Sahadi Importing Company.  Come for the amazing hummus, stay for the spices.

D. Bangkok Center Grocery.  Keffir lime leaves.  Fresh.  I need not say more.

E. Dual Specialty Market.  Quite a few cooks I know give this place the cold shoulder, but the key is to check the expiration dates.  I personally like this place quite a bit, even if you’re buying enough ginger to last you a lifetime in a convenient single serve baggie.

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