Do you "sun worshipers" think this is attractive? Well I don't and I was just diagnosed with Poikiloderma (Red Neck) (Yup, it's official! I am a certified Redneck" LOL) But on a serious note... Read this: In my many years working outside in heavy highway construction this is what I received as a reward!!! This is not a pic of me but of the condition itself. I need to remind all you & youngsters too, to wear your sunscreen and wear it proud!!! Melanoma is very deadly and if you have a family history of it, then you'd best keep this in check!! I go back to the Dr to get another screen of melanoma in 3 months. Have you made your appointment yet?
Poikiloderma, often referred to as "Red Neck", is a skin condition that consists of areas of increased and decreased pigmentation, prominent blood vessels, and thinning of the skin, creating redness. It is most frequently seen on the chest or the neck, characterized by red colored pigment on the skin that is commonly associated with sun damage. Share this with your family and friends and let's help each other stay healthy and responsible 

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