The Point of Birth

With all the intense debates these days about med free births, drug free labor, vbacs, c-sections, home births, epi's, doulas, midwives, obstetricians, and birth plans - it seems some of us have a skewed image of what the point of birth really is.

It isn't a contest.

It isn't about showing off how tough you are.

It isn't about being made to feel like a disappointment when your plans change.

It isn't about being mocked for choosing to be different than the norm.

It isn't being treated as an emergency waiting to happen.

Birth is natural. Beautiful. Completely normal. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and it isn't bound to one certain method. It is an ever changing thing; varying with the woman, the values, the circumstances, and the times.

Birth is in water. Birth is standing. Birth is a c-section. Birth is induced, is premature, is miraculous, is painful, is peaceful, is screaming at the top of your lungs and threatening to claw the eyes out of anyone within reach.

It's personal and full of quick choices. It takes trust in yourself and in your Dr./ midwife/partner. It takes inner strength you never knew you had.

It's being able to feel joy when you were able to do it how you wanted, and acceptance when things turn out differently than you hoped. It is knowing you did your very best.

A woman should never feel or be made to feel anything but pride in the fact that she gave her all to bring a child into this world. No matter what kind of "all" it was.

The point of birth is to safely deliver a child. That is all. The rest - is simply a way to get there.


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