Bloggers Take On Life's Little Changes with Poise

Update 5/1/2013: Thank you for your interest!  This sweepstakes has ended.

Most women remember having a 1st talk that explained their changing bodies as they approached puberty. However, as women approach menopause, many are hesitant to discuss this very normal life stage, which leaves them feeling unprepared and anxious.

Bloggers were invited to start The 2nd Talk with Poise to help make this life stage better for all women by giving them confidence to talk about menopause in a whole new way.  Bloggers also tried Poise's unique line of daily products for life's little changes. Click on the links below to read their reviews and enter for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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Menopause Should Come With Instructions

Do you ever feel like you have experienced most of the unpleasant things surrounding womanhood and fully expect all of those types of things to end when you approach or experience menopause? If you are like me, you will quickly agree that pre-menopause or menopause certainly don't come with a list of instructions....more

The New Joys of Poise

Ever since I started blogging, I have been WAITING for this day to arrive. The day where I can say a company recognized my complete allegiance, loyalty, and devotion to them and tapped me to be their national spokeswoman. I suppose I am not "technically" a national spokeswoman, but I've decided to run with that exact story for this week (along with my being the secret, long-lost love child of Elvis Presley and Princess Grace)....more

It's Time We Had the Talk

We've come to that stage in life when our bodies are changing. We're noticing the difference in how we feel, physically and emotionally. Then there are the changes "down there". I'm not talking about puberty, I'm talking about menopause. It seems our moms and our health classes in school gave us at least some idea of the changes we would go through and how to deal with puberty, but there's been a kind of silence about menopause....more

What Every Woman Needs for Life's Little Changes

A few years ago menopause (in my perception) was something that was far, far away. I was far from that, wasn't I? At least I pretended to be. But around my early 40's, I had the tall tale signs of impending menopause when I started having night sweats. And oh my gosh, those night sweats were awful. I couldn't wait to shower the next morning because I didn't feel clean but rather felt like I had worked out in the sun all day, sweated, and then slept in it!...more

Cooling Off

Super radiant heat flowing through my body can be immensely inconvenient. The heat feels like I am being infused with a hot hot liquid. It occurs at the worst of times, like when I am speaking to a stranger, or our pastor, or shopping with my husband. Then I get wiggly and irritated from the heat. I am convinced I appear quite odd. Or…odder than usual....more

Calming the Winds of Change with Poise

When BlogHer recommended I join other bloggers in a campaign sponsored by Poise that encourages women to discuss menopausal changes more openly through their 2nd Talk program, I couldn't agree fast enough! Why? Because too many women my age never had the first talk with their moms and, in my opinion, our second change in life is simply too important to ignore or risk having vital questions answered by our often equally uniformed friends......more

This Girl Is On Fire

I'm talking about Menopause here at the Hollow today. Now there is nothing cute or crafty about it! You can paint it. Put some burlap on it. Heck, even add a ruffle, but... it will still be the meanest trick ever played on women. Hey, we all know it's the truth! There are 50 MILLION women across North America approaching or actually experiencing menopause....more

Keeping Cool in Hawaii

Aloha from Hawaii! Maybe I shouldn't be admitting this to the world but I'm experiencing hot flashes more than any other woman I know! This horrible symptom of menopause has been going on for over two years for me! When will it end? If you haven't had a hot flash let me explain how it feels. It's different that just feeling hot from warm weather....more

Poise Saves the Day!

Fifty million women across North America, including this particular blogger, are approaching or experiencing menopause and most have an average of five menopausal symptoms--but no two experiences are exactly alike. What exactly is a hot flash? An intense feeling of heat that usually starts at the waist and moves quickly up toward the face. It can take 30 to 60 seconds to finally dissipate....more

Poised for Success

If you are of the male persuasion, I encourage you to run. Run like the wind. Because I'm about to talk about girly parts. And hormones. YOU KNOW… MENOPAUSE. Without a doubt, my own husband, who peruses my blog for accuracy (he contends that I play fast and loose with the truth) read the first paragraph of this post and is now in his office, eyes rolled to the back of his head, curled up in the fetal position....more