Poisonous Apples

A fruit bowl is a traditional center piece and common gift for the holidays. My children however didn’t eat the apples and most are thrown out. So a few years ago, I used a little sugar (and reverse physiology) to make those apples disappear. 

I rolled a couple of apples in sugar then placed them in the fruit arrangement. Later in the day, while the girls were asking for an orange, I pointed out the special apples and told them that they were poisonous like the one Snow White took a bite from and they must not eat them or they will also fall into a deep sleep. Both giggled and ran off with their oranges. The two poison apples disappeared soon after.

The next day, Francisca was angry. “I didn’t fall asleep when I ate that apple.” I asked if she ate the whole thing and she replied “Yes! And so did Erika! I think your wrong about them being poisonous.” I laughed and told her that they didn’t work on Brujas (Spanish Word for Witches). A smile suddenly appeared on her face and she ran off to tell her little sister that they were Witches.

 So our tradition has become to have a few poisonous apples in the fruit bowl. I only roll two at a time because I only have two kids and guest may not like Sugar on their apples. I have tried to fancy up the sugar with red/green food color to coordinate with the apple’s color, but it didn’t work out too well for me. The best way is to rinse the fruit then pat mostly dry with a paper towel before rolling it in sugar.

                     What tricks do you use to get your children to eat fruit (or veggies)?


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