Political Blogger Ann Althouse's Blog Goes Missing

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"Must-read" political blogger Ann Althouse, who has been blogging for seven years, and was a speaker at BlogHer '06, is missing her blog today.

Though it hosts the blog, Blogger's service outage doesn't seem to have caused the problem. According to the discussion Althouse had in the Blogger help forums, an appeal has been submitted for review to lift a lock due to the blog's being flagged as spam.

Meanwhile, Althouse is blogging at her backup blog and a Save Ann Althouse's Blog! page is lively on Facebook.

Update: Althouse's main blog is back up and running as of Sunday, May 15.

Ann Althouse
Image: Scott Feldstein via Flickr

Read the back story and Ann's latest posts on her backup blog, Althouse2.

Has your blog ever been flagged for spam? What did you do?

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