Political dissent...

A friend stated yesterday that this election seems to stir dissent at every quadrant.  I have to agree. It was very frustrating some of the untrue statements made during the Republican convention and the news. It was even more frustrating to have my liberal friends pounce to send me articles and make statements about how the Republican party is disinterested in the truth.  Hello, people make stipd statements and choices. Thus, we are human.

However, the lies, and manipulations of truth and facts are far from one sided. Both parties are guilty here.

Yes, politics are alive and well and TRUTH be damned is the name of the game for many of those helping run the show. All political ads that are found false should be pulled. It should be a response taken swiftly and immediately by the American press. No exceptions. Not allowing them to continue to run for weeks and further distract from the actual issues that should be focused on during the race. In fact it would be a BIG statement and refreshing for the networks to require fact checks before agreeing to run the ads in the first place.

I know that anyone who supports Obama will continue to do so and vice versa. 

For me it comes down to the concern and risk we bring to ourselves if the debt continues unchecked. With more and more loans being accepted by foreign countries and allowing our property and businesses to be sold off to other countries. Eventually those loans will be called. That land will be controlled as the owner sees fit and one day we may wake up and realize that America is no more than a name. It's been very interesting and eye opening with Shane working with International business. It is very one sided - favoring the other countries with what is allowed and accepted from American businesses yet the same considerations and allowances are not given in return and since we are a country with a questionable debt and lowering credit rating the American businesses accept the unfair contracts simply to try to keep businesses alive. I want someone who has some understanding of how business works, how budgets work and is supportive of pushing for a change in those areas.

I don't agree with government health care but if that is what we gain from the current administration then I am sure there will be many that gain from that. I am not racist or anti-gay or against Obama the man. I hope it history will prove it was a good decision. However, ignoring financial responsibility. A job market that continues to be in decline and an unemployment rate that is still among the highest in our history is ignoring that we are allowing our country as a whole to be undermined and made vulnerable.

I want to hear how a candidate can realistically make a change for the better. I want real information. The glib jabs are witty but tiring. As an intelligent, hard working information, I want a candidate to treat me with respect and step up to the plate with real facts, real information and a real PLAN. 




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