Politicians & The Facts: Exhibit A: Carolyn Tomei (D) OR

The upcoming election cycle is about to heat and already the behaviors of some politicians are starting to make me think; What heck is going on? 

I don’t know about you but I’m tired and I think Americans are tired of the garbage that Politicians think is ‘ok’ to say about other people.  Why can’t Americans get the facts about issues and solution?

Part of the email that was received that made me write: (campaign email that was sent out)

“will hear from my opponent: a right-wing Republican candidate who attacks President Obama, posts anti-gay rhetoric online, shares anti-teacher remarks, trashes regulation of big Wall Street banks, supports tax giveaways for millionaires at the expense of schools, and supports right-wing groups like the Tea Party, the Glen Beck-inspired 912 Project, and Americans for Prosperity”

First, I want to hear about her political record of results and how she is going to solve Oregon’s problems. Secondly, if she is going to accuse someone of something mixed in with personal thoughts she needs to at least back the information up with facts that include references and an explanation of her personal thoughts would also be nice.

To decide what type of job she has been doing I had to research. Her ‘Resume’ would include the following accomplishments:

The list could go on but Voters shouldn’t have to do all the research. Receiving the facts from her is what should be required. Voters need to start asking the tough questions and ask for some real answers before this election cycle gets out of control and all we will hear is politicians going after their opponent personally.

Ms. Tomei is now serving her sixth term in the Oregon Legislature and she has worked with Democratic Governor and a House of Rep. & Senate dominated by her Democratic political peers for 10+ yrs. Her record is Unacceptable by any measures in my opinion.  

Ask yourself: Would she have been fired in the ‘real world’ for creating such results as listed above?

Voters need to ask her and demand to answers to the following:  

  • What are the solutions to Oregon’s economic situation?
  • What are the solutions to hunger?
  • Did you realize what was going and have the ability to create short-term and long-term tactical and strategic plans?

Voters need to take a hard look at her record and think about if she’s done her job.

To understand how bad the economy has been for the last 20 years in Oregon one only has to listen to  Democratic Congressmen from Oregon  – Oregon has been in a Recession for the last 20 years if not a Depression. Oregon Reps. Schrader & DeFazio discuss progress on O&C Trust talks

Can you believe they would state something like that when they have been in a leadership position of creating policy & procedures that may have created the problem? 

What took them so long to realize American families in Oregon were suffering?

Of course before writing this article Ms. Tomei & her campaign were emailed and asked for an explanation to ensure that I was being ethical.  No response was received back from Ms. Tomei or her campaign staff.





















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