Politics & Pearls: Hillary Clinton & Aung San Suu Kyi

In the otherwise politically corrupted full of gruesome stories newspaper, today I found this picture totally mesmerizing…three graceful ladies – self-assured and at ease with their age and form.

Pearls & Elegance

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi finally received in person the U.SCongressional Gold Medal she was awarded in 2008, while under house arrest for 15 years in Burma. As reported by BBC News, Aung San Suu Kyi described it as ‘one of the most moving days of my life.’ She continued after receiving the medal… ‘the ties of friendship and understanding that have developed between you and lovers of democracy in Burma compensate for much of the trials we had to suffer over the past decades.’ She said that, despite its inherent imperfections, democracy remained a ‘beacon of hope for all of us’ and reminded the audience that there were many, in Burma and beyond, for whom freedom was ‘just a dream’.

Minds curious for political hearsay can find their fodder from the sources I have listed below. Since here… I only wish to speak about the impressive Rich Image that these three women of great wisdom and power emanate in the above photograph. The powerful women in the international political setting – Hillary Rodham Clinton, Aung San Suu Kyi and Nancy Patricia Pelosi, all three born in the 1940’s…captivate me here with their poise, beauty, sartorial elegance and the joy of life shining bright in their eyes and faces. Hillary, Aung and Nancy seem to me the perfect possessor for the ever-graceful accessory of every elegant woman – pearls.

The ‘pearls of wisdom’ idiom is personified perfectly by these women and to see them carrying the perfect pearls in matinee and princess styles, at an event that has marked the history forever, is nectar for creative eyes. The charm of pearls has remained unaffected even after centuries. A perfect strand of pearls is something that brings instant grace to your image. Unlike diamonds, pearls demand the bearer for complete harmony with their richness and luster. If you wish to wear pearls you need to make sure that your complete appearance and image is in accord with the glamour that pearls lend you indisputably.

Every woman cannot be Hillary or Aung, but every woman creates magic in their own space. Every woman deserves to be beautiful and elegant…every woman deserves a Rich Image…every woman deserves a perfect string of pearls.

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