(POLL) How Do You Feel About Community School Supplies?

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Then I thought perhaps I was being all "and I walked uphill both ways, too" about the whole thing, so I asked my daughter if she cared about sharing school supplies. She said no, it wasn't like it was her backpack or something. She, too, views stuff you use at school as stuff you use at school. There are many possible explanations for her casual attitude. A) She's an only child and doesn't have to share much at home—which is often seen as something that will make an only child spoiled but in my experience has made her more laid-back about sharing other places. B) She started sharing everything—even diaper wipes—in daycare and preschool, and she just accepted it once the community pot happened in kindergarten, too. C) It could be she inherited her father's easygoing nature or her mother's apparent socialist tendencies. D) She was actually watching TV while I asked her.

It all boils down to parental control, which is for the most part (outside ensuring her personal safety or academic progress) is something I realized I had to cede when I sent my daughter to public school. I'm guessing they don't share school supplies in private schools for all the same reasons people send their kids to private schools. Right?

POLL: What's your opinion on community school supplies? Choose as many as you like.

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