Pondering Goals for June

Right now I feel ahead of the game.  There's one more (oh crud - only one more) day left in this month in which the only things I have to do are mentally prepare for the month of June.  Admittedly, I felt much happier when there were two more days, but I guess I'll have to adjust to this shortened time frame.

I'm also thankful today is Thursday because that means I still have tommorrow to get all the projects done on my to-do list that I want done before the month of June.  I have a far better chance of getting them done on a week day than on a weekend.

I could have gotten further along today, but I had to read a book and that book took up much of my time yesterday and today.  My kids were caught up in their own imaginary play which would have given me the space to do my work, but this book!  This book is my niece's favorite so I felt a responsibility to read it.  Smiling - and it was fun.

Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Fun.  Enjoyable.  

So, for my goals for June:  Wellllll, I already know I'm going to be eating well so that's not even a goal.  I could certainly try mapping out a food plan and try out some new recipes - I could make a pinterest page of new dishes to try, but really what my goals should focus on are building exercise back into my life.

I've been using my knee as an excuse to do nothing and I've really been missing being out and about.  I've missed running.  I tried biking yesterday and that hurt my knee.  But I have a sneaking suspician that if I just did SOMETHING inside my house, I would feel better and that would just positively impact everything.  So that exercise thing might be a goal.

And the other areas of goals:  Decluttering the home.  Preparing for my classes in the Fall.  Doing arts or music with the kids.  Getting outside.

Hmmm - sounds like I already know what my goals are.  Well, until June 1st I am officially uncommitted to them!

And crud - this means tomorrow I really need to Get Stuff Done in preparation to start of the new month on the exact right foot.  Or at least on a foot.  Either foot will probably work. (I will not start the sequal until I have finished my to-do list!!!)


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