Poor Little Rich Girl

Tracy Livingston This blog re-dedicates itself to my hope that my words and utter honesty will reach some of with laughter and a sense of "yes, been there." I will write about my observations be they human in nature or my daily steal, or just life as I see it from many different angles. As the new title suggest My Eyes Are Wide Open...I will cover life as I see it! Fiscal disasters, and a country without a budget are the current reality. We are leaving our children with debt and the New Year babies we celebrate today will be born already owing our country 51k, like you I have hoped year after year for a more prosperous year, for our nation. None have come to pass, In exchange I seemed to get more going out and less coming in, listen to friends struggling, see homes lost and year long-job searches due to over-qualification..sound familiar. Of course they do, it is on your block, in your schools and yes, even in the papers. We are a country that needs to get back on track. But fiscal responsibility is not my speciality, I have my own fiscal budget to revamp. There are certain things I will not do...one is to allow taste to go by the wayside and continue to buy quality and long lasting design. This stems from my childhood and while all my clothes were sewed for me or purchased at a large lower end box store, I was taught how to put the pieces together so no one would know during my teen years. So I will now use that talent again, shop my closet and magazines and put together the outfits that last a lifetime but do not cost a lifetime of savings. I consider this a challenge and for a true shopper like myself a new hobby but one with an upside...a list, a look and only purchasing items 75% lower that the original price. I know in doing this many trips will be made as looks are not acquired in one trip as with the big box stores that gladly gobbled my funds and many trips will be empty handed! I remember this clearly from my days as a teen with my grandmother...she saved and so can I, with no one the wiser. So how is the question...big box stores are now a thing of the past for the most part...and consignment stores are in! Yes, consignment! Across the valley we have all types of consignment stores everything from those specializing in furniture to the finer labels of attire, handbags and shoes. Also, do not forget the Rack and of course if brave Last Chance where I picked a pair of Cole Hahn patent leather loafers for $12.00 brand new...and timeless. If I brave the boxes it will be the great sales at Gap, H&M and our new outlets just ripe for the picking. So once I have pre-shopped my closet for the winter and of course have a list in hand I will take the hours needed and enjoy the process not just the outcome, as it has been too many years that I have only enjoyed the outcome, which is a disaster. With the hunt I will meet new people, find fantastic bargains and spend most of my little monies locally. This helps my budget shrink, allows me to enjoy the process and stop my husbands panic of monies only going out without reason or best buy possible. Of course there are more steps to maintenance but this is a local start and a smart start for this little shopper whose diva crown is firmly knocked off and a budget version firmly planted, and with my plastic version staying I have never been happier in my life.

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