Poor Santa

The 2nd of several posts about poor Santa the rest is at http://rachfisher.blogspot.com under Dec 2009


I am really becoming concerned with the lack of seriousness that the local law enforcement is showing to the heinous kidnapping of my 12 foot Santa Clause.  They are now 2 hour and 35 minutes late getting here.  Aren't the first couple hours of a kidnapping the most crucial?  Where is the FBI?  Is that what is taking the sheriff so long?  Are they waiting for reinforcements?  What about CSI or NCIS wouldn’t this be considered a military problem?  NORAD is supposed to keep an eye out for Santa, I think that does make it a NCIS issue?  I wonder when Mark Harmon will walk through my door.  I am also worried about the evidence being destroyed.  No crime scene tape has been put up, and the tire tracks left by the perp or perps are being driven over again and again by customers coming in to the store.  I knew I should have gone and bought some Plaster of Paris and made my own casts of the tire and shoe tread they left behind.  At least it is not warm enough to melt the evidence any time soon.  I sure hope my poor Santa hasn't been dumped in a ditch somewhere all alone and cold.  I will probably start posting flyers after work and check along the side of the road on the way in to town, and again on the way home.  Wish me luck, and pray for poor santa


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