Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/17/2011

Hey! Welcome to the first edition of Pop Culture Potpourri, a daily round up of my pop culture consumption. Here you'll read about the movie stars, musicians, TV personalities and programs that tickle my fancy or draw my ire. I hope you enjoy it. 

After many years of not watching award shows I tuned in to the Golden Globes last night. Oh my gosh, how pretty was Olivia Wilde's ball gown and her gorgeous gold shoes? ~ swoon ~ I want a dress just like that and those shoes, oh those glorious, glamorous gold shoes. *sigh* I have absolutely no place to wear those kinds of things. But wow, wouldn't it be nice?

And while I'm rambling on about fashion, I absolutely loved the appearance of emerald green on the red carpet last night. I absolutely loved Angelina Jolie's, Mila Kunis', and Catherine Zeta Jones' dresses were stunning and oh so lovely in green. A guest on either Good Day Philadelphia or the Wendy Williams Show said that green will be in next fall also. It's true that pink is indeed my favorite color but green, particularly emerald green, runs a close second so I'm excited. Not that I own 1 piece of fashionable clothing or could afford designer duds but the emergence of green in the fashion world makes me happy nonetheless.

Congrats to my favorite writer Aaron Sorkin for winning Best Screenplay for The Social Network. I actually did finally get to watch it for the first time on Saturday night and I really enjoyed it. I wish he'd come back to TV and give us something marvelous and intelligent and topical to watch. I'm wearing out my West Wing and Sports Night DVDs.

Speaking of the Wendy Williams Show, Snooki from The Jersey Shore was on this morning. You know what? She's cute and very likable when she's not falling down drunk at the shore house. She is what she is and she makes no bones about it and isn't one bit embarrassed. How refreshing is that? Much as I want to dislike her (I'm so jealous she has a book deal) she's really very likable. Go figure.

But to get back to the Golden Globes for a little while, I really did not enjoy Ricky Gervais' humor at all. I don't see how people, who are pointing their fingers at right wing pundits for hate speech can defend this guy. Mean-spirited is mean-spirited be it in politics or Hollywood. And while I'm complaining about Mr. Gervais, let me just say I did not appreciate his parting remarks thanking God for making him an atheist. I don't care and didn't know that he is an atheist until he made that remark last night. I think it's high time that people like Bill Maher and Ricky Gervais stop using God as a punch line. Believe or don’t believe, but don't be an asshole about it. It doesn't make you seem intellectually superior or oh so cool. It makes you seem like an asshole. Nuff said.

The Fashion Police were out in force last night and this morning and their sights were set on Helena Bonham Carter in her Vivienne Westwood dress and different colored shoes. I know I was going on about Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear on Friday night but it bears repeating, it's okay to be yourself and it's okay to be different. So what if her shoes were two different colors? Who cares if her hair was wild? Isn't fashion supposed to be fun? Isn't fashion meant to be a means of self-expression? How is it that cloning humans is illegal yet society all but requires us to be the same? How is it that an empire of snarky TV programs spawned from Joan Rivers' mean-spirited red carpet remarks? < here's where I get hypocritical > I'm just as guilty of supporting this empire, because I buy US Weekly and tune into E and read Perez Hilton. But seriously, how is it that we as a society are entertained by snarky and bitchy? I'm sure none of us would like it if the fashion police stood outside of our offices and critiqued our fashion choices.

Oh and while I'm on the subject of fashion choices, what kinds of friends do these poor women who end up on What Not To Wear have? I mean, seriously, how do they stay friends afterwards? Perhaps I'm persnickety but how could you not from that day on wonder if your so-called friend was writing a letter to Stacy and Clinton tattling on you because you wore sweatpants to your son's soccer match? What happened to friends loving you for who and what you are?

Finally, I was watching Say Yes To The Dress on Friday night. — oh how I love bridal reality shows — One of this week's clients was a young woman engaged to a Yankees player. She brought a bunch of other Yankees’ wives with her to help her pick out her wedding dress. She picked this lovely elegant understated dress that showed off her classic beauty. The other wives hated it and talked her into buying a dress that can best be described as straight off the runway from a Stripper Bridal Fashions show. I watched as the wives and Randy, the store's resident fashion guru opined that she needed the bling because she needed to stand out. It's the biggest day of your life honey buy the dress you love. Buy the dress that makes you feel beautiful and elegant. Don't buy the gaudiest dress on the rack because the other wives think you need to bring the bling. Ugh !!!

So with that I offer you the first Pop Culture Potpourri. I promise not all of these will be so sanctimonious and serious. I have episodes of Jerseylicious, The Jersey Shore, My Fair Wedding, Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Worst Cooks in America to catch up on tomorrow.