Pop Culture Potpourri — 1/18/2011

Hey! Good afternoon my dear lil readers. How’s everyone this soggy Tuesday evening? I’m back with day 2 of Pop Culture Potpourri. I promise today’s missive won’t be anywhere near as preachy or sanctimonious as yesterday’s.

Okay all you TV producers out there listen up! The world needs an awards show just like the Golden Globes for political journalists (print, broadcast and Internet). C’mon you know you want to see the White House Press Corps drunk and giving speeches. Millions of people would watch. *laughs* Okay, maybe I’d watch.

Last Wednesday when I was at mom’s she gave me her copies of People Magazine (Valerie Bertinelli on the cover) and Reader’s Digest. I read Peoplethis afternoon. There’s a small piece about Johnny Weir in it. He has a new book out, it’s a memoir entitled Welcome to My World. I love how much he loves his family. I think I’ll buy it when it comes out in paperback.

Speaking of memoirs and paperbacks that Justin Bieber kid is on the cover ofVanity Fair, he too has a memoir out. *looks amazed* Isn’t this kid like 16 years old? What has he had like a minute of success and he’s got a memoir? I haven’t read the magazine yet. I’ll let you know what he’s memoiring (I know that’s not a word, but it should be, Merriam call me.) once I read it.

I watched the Golden Globes on Sunday and now I’m so behind in my other TV programs. I had a Jersey evening last night. I watched The Jersey Shore andJerseylicious last night. What’s up with Snooki? She’s been drunk since she got to house and got herself arrested after a 24-hour bender. Did I miss her being drunk all the time on the other seasons or is this a new development? She seems like a sweet girl in real life. I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing for her. She’ll lose her looks quick if it does.

OMG! How much do I love Jerseylicious? I know. I know it’s scripted. It’s not real. It’s filmed at night. Blah, blah, friggin’ blah. I don’t care. These people entertain me and that’s all that matters to me. Gigi you go girl! The minute you weren’t desperate for his love he lost the upper hand. Good for you girl. You don’t need a man to complete you. I hope things work out and you get to live happily ever after, but good for you for taking back control and asserting yourself. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for poor little Olivia. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with Doria either. She’s like the flippin’ Snapple lady with a bad attitude.

Hey MTV & Style Network! How cute would Snooki and Olivia be in their own reality show? Set them up in a house in Wildwood and turn the cameras on. I’d love it! South Jersey doesn’t get represented in any of these Jersey reality shows. >insert sad face here<

I still have Rich Bride, Poor Bride and My Fair Wedding to Watch as well as Worst Cooks. I’m dying to watch My Fair Wedding. This week’s bride has an Alice in Wonderland theme. I can’t wait to see the amazing job David Tutera does making this into an elegant and amazing wedding. I love him.

I don’t even know what’s on the DVR from Monday. I’m sure Intervention is on there and I hope I remembered the record Harry’s Law. I really wanted to see it. Part of the reason I missed watching all my Monday shows was I sat down to watch Piers Morgan’s first show on CNN. I don’t know if I’m going to keep watching. I didn’t watch Larry King but I was curious to see what Piers would do with the show. I can’t get over Oprah. I’m not a regular viewer of her program and I only buy her magazine from time to time but I can’t get over how self-important, arrogant, persnickety and rude she came off last night. She was, in a word unimpressive. I’m curious to see how his interview with Howard Stern goes.

Hey! Does anybody know where to buy the Wonder Woman mug Wendy Williams drinks from on her show? It’s blue with a picture of Wonder Woman painted on the side. I love it. Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero.

That’s it for today’s Pop Culture ramblings. Stop back tomorrow when maybe I’ll have finally caught up on Sunday and Monday’s shows.