Pop Goes the Church

 Is it just me, or is anyone else bothered when the sacred tries too hard to be cool when embracing the secular, especially in trying to attract youth?  I think I started feeling that way about 13 years ago when I watched a neighbor’s video of her church youth choir, or I should say, megachurch youth choir. There were hundreds of teens onstage, swaying back and forth to a funky beat and singing (or would it be rapping?), “You down wit G.O.D.? Yeah, you know me!”, sort of a Christian Weird Al version of the song, “O.P.P.”  For those of you unfamiliar with “O.P.P.”, it was a 1991 hit by the rap group “Naughty By Nature”, a disgusting ode to infidelity, i.e. “getting down” with “other people’s p_ _ _ _” (you’ll have to Wiki that if you’re having trouble filling in the blanks). The video that accompanied O.P.P. was equally disgusting (naturally, an MTV success), full of moaning women in lingerie and men giving the thumbs-up in front of cheap motels.  While I get the religious idea of “We’re taking a bad song and cleaning it up!”,  to me it still pays homage to the original song by using its lyric structure and other elements. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Why even give a nod to that gross song?  Why let us know that the song arranger, or the choir director, was “hip” to it? Wonder if they had to pay royalties to Tommy Boy Records (and the swaggering rappers) for using the song?  Creepy.


Just like the red T-shirts with the re-worked Coca-Cola logo that say, “Jesus Christ—He’s the Real Thing” or the glammed-out local church youth center housed inside a former dollar theater, with re-done movie posters on the walls that are “RATED R for REALITY!”


Or a local youth pastor who is tattooed all over and pierced and sometimes gels his hair up like a (continued at http://uncoolmom.com/2010/01/11/pop-goes-the-church.aspx )



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