Poppet and the iPad 3 – We’re on YouTube!

Usually when we travel, we try to find anything and everything that might, in a pinch, be able to keep a tired Poppet happy long enough to keep us sane enough!  We hand books back one at a time, replenishing little hands when the previous item has been tossed into the nether-regions of the belly of the van.  When this supply runs out we try food – Poppet LOVES food (of course she does, look at who her Mummy is!).  When even food won’t fit the bill we turn to the iPad.  Poppet, at 16 months old, has been easily maneuvering her way around Papa’s iPad for months now.  On this latest 8 hour trip he suggested we actually grab some video of it.  Usually she is a bit more apt, but it was very late and she was very tired.

We use the iPad for everything from helping to educate her, to keeping her busy, to helping her relax with music or a movie.  I personally think that Apple has made it super easy for a toddler to use, not too sure if she’d have the same success winding her way through an Android or not.

Her absolute favourite apps are BabyFirst TV (with VocabuLarry being her favourite character – Papa’s too) and Toddler Stamps where she’s given a background image and can throw up any number of sound producing and animated stamps to decorate her scene.

While I’m at it, I should mention that we are now on YouTube!  We’ll continue to post relevant content from time to time and hope you enjoy seeing us in our element!

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