Popsicle stick Valentines...


Last week Violet independently wrapped a pipe cleaner around a popscle stick, drew a face on it and then brought it to me and asked me to turn it into a magnet...

What a great idea!  

So, we decided to make some more to send and hand out as Valentines. IMG_5126

The original popsicle stick magnet was made using a large stick, but we didn't have enough of those on hand so we opted for the smaller ones for the Valentines.  

First cut some smaller pieces of pipe cleaner and folded the pointy edge over.  Then, wrap the pipe cleaner around the popsicle stick a couple of times.  Draw on faces.  Henry and Violet colored a large sheet of card stock as they wanted and then we each took a turn punching out hearts with my new heart punch.  Violet wanted them all to say "I love you".  I wrote the words on the hearts and then glued the hearts on the front and the magnets on the back.  And, done!   IMG_5088  IMG_5148


Such sweet little Valentines...I almost don't want to give them all up.  They make our kitchen chalkboard look quite cheery!


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