"Por Favor Nanny"? Give Me a Break, Please!

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I don't even know how to begin wrapping my head around a new book and website titled, Por Favor Nanny, Please Make Dinner. But maybe I just haven't walked a mile in the Tod's loafers of one of these self-described "busy moms" who need a few Spanish phrases to instruct their housekeepers how to properly wash their hands, bring home the receipts, or cook American food (really).

So I'll just let Liz Dwyer of Los Angelista do the explaining:

A trio of white "busy moms" in Houston thinks that their peers need some assistance communicating with this generation's "help". A new book and website, Por Favor, Nanny, Please Make Dinner seeks to address the problem that "some of the wonderful women who care for our children and style our homes with their impeccable tidiness speak a different language."

These women are serious. "Asking for help in the kitchen is difficult," they write. So they made a Spanish and English cookbook, complete with "traditional American recipes that are delicious and easy to prepare."

No carne asada for dinner, nanny. Or tamales. Or empanadas.

Read the full post at Los Angelista and tell us what you think.

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